4 Steps to Natural Stone Care

Natural stone surfaces can make any place magnificent. Stone is synonymous with luxury and elegance, but they also require a lot of care and high maintenance.

Whether you have marble floors, sandstone worktop, or a granite staircase, all kinds of natural stone must be properly installed looked after well. If you take care of the natural stone surfaces in your house, they will last a lifetime. Here are four important steps to natural stone care.

  1. Leave it to the experts

Many people like do-it-yourself around the house, but there are some things best left to the experts. Installing natural stone surfaces is one such area that is best done by experts.

From sourcing to preparing to installing the material, no one does it better than the professionals. When you have professionals installing the stone tiles at your house, you can rest assured because the experts know exactly how to do the job so as to ensure a terrific fit and finish.

  1. Seal the stones

Natural stone sealers are applied either during installation or after. This is an essential part of natural stone care. The sealant is a substance that’s applied to the surface of the stone to ensure protection against stains and damage.

Sealing makes stones more durable and resistant to damage. Since topical sealers will wear off after some time, it is recommended that natural stone is sealed every two years. Although sealing can be done by anyone, it is best left to the experts.

  1. Get the right aftercare kit

Installing natural stone at home isn’t enough. Without the right care and maintenance, natural stone will degrade easily. Once the stone tiles are installed, you must get the right aftercare products for proper maintenance.

If you are spending on quality stone, you must also pay for quality aftercare products. In this regard, always take the advice of installers because different stones require different products and maintenance routines. Wherever possible, get natural stone care products from the installers because they know the best.

  1. Avoid chemicals

All chemicals are enemies of natural stone. From acids like lemon juice, bleach, or harsh cleaning products, they all have the potential to damage natural stone. Always be gentle when cleaning natural stone, and if there are stains, they must be removed with the right products that will not damage the stone or sealant.

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