5 Tips On How to Clean Natural Stone

Natural stone is used both for residential and commercial buildings because it is durable, visually attractive, and has a long lifespan.

Natural stone can be used for chimneys, countertops, roofs, bathtubs, basins, and flooring. Entire stone houses are luxurious and elegant. But just because its stone doesn’t mean it is everlasting.

Like every other material, natural stone also requires proper maintenance to preserve its shine and durability. When choosing a stone to decorate a building, most people wonder how to clean natural stone. This is a far more important question than the cost of the stone.

Natural stone is delicate and needs to be protected against stains and scratches. Keeping stone surfaces clean is absolutely necessary in order to prevent damage. Although cleaning stone can seem like a tough task, it needn’t be so. The following five steps should make it easier to care for your natural stone surfaces.

Know your natural stone

All cleaning processes don’t work with every kind of natural stone. Natural stones are divided into two groups: siliceous stone or calcareous stone. The former is made of silica, and the latter is made of calcium carbonate.

To be able to properly clean and maintain your natural stone surfaces, the first step is to be familiar with the type of stone. Calcareous stone is more delicate and should be protected from all kinds of harsh liquids and acids.

Know the current condition of the stone

There are a few questions you can ask to verify the current condition of the stone. Are the tiles flat? Are there dents and cracks? Is the stone sealed, enhanced, or coated with any substance? Are there stains? Depending upon each of these factors, a proper cleaning regimen should be chosen.

Natural stone sealer

Experts recommend that natural stones must always be sealed because it makes them easier to be cleaned and maintained. Porous stones require more sealer than less porous ones. Some stones come pre-sealed, but if yours aren’t, sealing them provides an additional layer of protection.

Proper cleaning

Almost all-natural stones can be cleaned with a stone soap mixed with water. When using a wet mop, make sure to completely dry the surface to prevent stains and moisture. Certain stones are more slippery than others and can get scratched easily. Placing carpets, rugs, or doormats is essential in such cases.

Preventing stains

When thinking how to clean natural stone, always keep in mind that the wrong stain remover can damage the stone. Buying a stone cleaner must always be done after consulting a natural stone professional.

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