How to Clean Natural Stone

Natural stone surfaces are commonplace today, with many home owners choosing natural stone for their floors, counter tops, chimneys, or bathtubs.

Natural stone is often a luxury because of how expensive it is, and it also requires proper upkeep for durability and longevity. One question that always plagues homeowners is how to clean natural stone. The process for cleaning natural stone is different from other surfaces.

Although keeping stone surfaces clean might sound hard, but there are a number of home solutions available for efficient cleaning. Most of the times you won’t need to use any chemical cleaning agent.

But if there are tough stains, which is common because natural stone is porous, you might need to use a combination of several methods to achieve the best results.

Let’s classify natural stone cleaning agents according to the surface to clean:

Oils and fats: The kitchen counter, the barbecue counter, and also the bathtub can accumulate oils, wax, and fats, thanks to cooking, eating, and decorations like candles. Although wax from candles can be scraped away, they do not leave the surface clean.

For cleaning all kinds of oils and fats, talcum powder may be used. Simply apply some talcum powder on the spots to clean and leave them for a few days. Another solution is to mix sodium bicarbonate with a little water and leave it on the spots overnight.

Rust: When metal oxidizes in contact with the natural stone and leaves a mark, such spots can be cleaned at home with a mixture of lemon juice and salt. However, this is an acidic mixture that can rob porous stones like limestone of their shine, so it should be left only for a few hours.

Paint and ink: Paints and inks are particularly difficult to remove with home solutions, so methylene chloride or acetone is used. Methylene chloride is dangerous and can harm both the stone and others around it. Other paint removers may also be used.

Other substances: Coffee stains, lichens, and cosmetic stains can be removed with a few drops of ammonia mixed with water left overnight.

Generally tips on how to clean natural stone involves sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, and waxing. Never let water sit on the tiles because they will seep inside and create moisture.

Preventing stains is the best, but if they cannot be prevented, they must be cleaned with the appropriate cleaning solution that won’t damage the sealant.