Problems Natural Stone Sealer Can Solve

Although natural stone is a luxury people choose to decorate their homes with, it comes with several problems as well as maintenance efforts.

Natural stone might be durable with a long lifespan, but only when proper care is taken. This is why natural stone sealer is so important in preserving the look and durability of stone surfaces.

There are several problems that sealing natural stones can solve. Some of the problems are caused by climatic conditions like humidity or by staining and regular wear and tear.

If the stones surfaces are in the outdoor areas, they must always be treated with a natural stone sealer (even if they are already resined). By forming this extra layer of protection, the natural stone surfaces can be kept looking like new for years.

Some of the common problems natural stone sealing helps combat are:

Problems caused by the climate: If stone surfaces are outdoors, they can be affected by all kinds of climatic conditions, from rain and snow to UV rays and weathering.

Although these problems will be caused even if the stone is sealed, the natural stone sealer will provide some amount of protection from the elements.

Besides the sealer, you also have to make sure you keep the stone surfaces protected as much as possible. There is no way to bring back the gloss once it’s lost, but you can take steps to protect the stones from the elements to keep their shine intact.

Problems caused by humidity: High humidity is often a problem for natural stone surfaces. When humidity is high, rust tends to occur very easily. Once rust stains the natural stone, it can be hard to remove completely.

Although the stone sealer provides a barrier, rust can still cause tough stains. Humidity also makes the stones absorb minerals or salts, leading to dark spots, which can change the mineral structure of the stones forever.

That is why stones in high humidity areas must be treated well before installation to prevent these problems as much as possible.

Problems caused by various substances: Stains can be caused every substance, from water to paint to oils. Coffee stains, oil and grease, wax from candles, cosmetics like nail polishes, food products, spices all cause stains on stone surfaces.

Many of these stains can be tough to remove. Even after a stone sealer has been applied, porous stones can absorb several substances, leading to stains. It is important to keep natural stone surfaces free from staining substances to the greatest extent, but often it isn’t possible. Besides regular cleaning, chemical stain removers can be tried.