Travertine, Marble, Granite, Limestone, Slate, Onyx, Tumbled Stone, Grout, Ceramic Tile, Paver, Concrete, and Engineered Stone all require regular treatments whether recently installed or existing.

With over 18 years of stone cleaning experience, our team at SoliStone& Concrete Care understands how critical it is to properly treat stone surfaces the first time as well as on an on-going basis to ensure their presentation & durability. The two main services we offer are Finishing-off and Maintenance.

Finishing off: New Construction and Remodeling Projects

  • Deep-cleaning
  • Acid washing
  • Power washing
  • Light honing
  • Light polishing (Traditional, Non-crystallization Processes)
  • Detailing removal of light blemishes
  • Sealing with penetrating stone sealers or enhancers
  • Sealing with grout colorants, paver waxes, concrete coatings, or polishes, etc.

STONE for new construction and remodeling projects require deep-cleaning, polishing (for polished stones only), detailing, and sealing. This process effectively removes residue and debris from surfaces. Each tile is detailed ensuring its best presentation. Finally, depending, on the stone, multiple applications of water, oil, soil, and contaminant repellents are applied.

GROUT with tile is deep-cleaned, detailed and sealed with penetrating sealers or stained with our tested and approved SoliStone’ ColorGuard for grout that provides long-term protection against soiling and staining.

PAVER is treated with sealers, stains, waxes and other enhancing techniques creating the old-world or the customized look desired.

CONCRETE is sealed, polished or treated with a wide variety of sealers, polishes, or coatings in order to create the most durable, slip resistant and scratch resilient customized surfaces.

Maintenance: Existing Homes or Commercial Centers

SoliStone & Concrete Care develops and monitors maintenance programs specific to each home or project. Similar products and techniques are utilized and applied as outlined above. Yet, maintenance is more aggressive at removing light wear patterns, scratches, marks, soiling, and dullness.

We would be pleased to arrange an appointment for a complimentary in-home training session on how to best maintain your stone, tile, paver or other material.

Counter-Top and Surface Care

  • Avoid exposing stone to acids and oils. Perfumes, lotions, juices, wines, and some cleaners can etch; protect the stone when using them.
  • Clean soiled areas with the neutral pH soap spray solution. Buff with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel. Use the bleach spray solution on stubborn soil or for sanitization.
  • Wipe water rings left by glasses as soon as possible.

Shower Care

  • Squeegee walls after each use.
  • Clean weekly with neutral pH soap and water (mix 1 teaspoon of soap in a 24 oz. spray bottle of water) and a white scrub pad.
  • If soap, mildew or mineral build-up occurs, scrub the affected area with unscented, plain bleach and water (mix one cup of bleach in a 24 oz. spray bottle of water) and a white scrub pad or a medium-nylon bristle brush.

Floor Care


  • Vacuum, dust mop, or sweep floors. For best results, vacuum with the floor brush in complete contact with the stone. To keep edges cleaner, vacuum with a soft tip tool along baseboards.
  • Clean spills with a clean, dry cloth and the neutral pH soap spray solution as they occur. Use a white scrub pad if necessary.


  • Dilute one tablespoon of neutral pH soap in two gallons of warm water and damp mop the surface from side to side. Avoid reapplying dirt by keeping the solution clean (change every 250 sq. ft.). Do not re-mop surfaces with clean water, as you will remove the protectant.
  • If light water spots are noticeable, buff with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Periodically, for more soiled honed stones and light colored grout, dilute one cup of bleach with two gallons of warm water and mop as directed. Re-mop with the neutral pH soap. Protect carpets and sensitive areas.
  • Be sure rugs are clean as dirt can scratch the stone’s finish. Do not put rugs down if backing or floor is damp.

New Installation

  • Keep the floor free from dirt and sand.
  • Lay down mats at exterior and rugs at interior entrances to protect surfaces.
  • Keep heavy traffic off newly installed areas.
  • Keep outdoor shoes off the surface.

After the first week, follow the Natural Stone Care Guide.

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