With more than 18 years of experience, and as natural stone, tile, grout, paver, and concrete experts, SoliStone & Concrete Care is uniquely skilled to address the restorative needs of your situation due to age, exposure or neglect. A variety of techniques and products are employed as needed for Restoration and Repair.


STONE and PAVERS require various treatments in order to restore them to a presentation and condition similar to their original state. The following techniques are employed.

  • Grind (and refinish or hone) removing most profound marks, lippage, scratches, and blemishes
  • Deep-clean, Acid-wash, Power Wash removing most stains, contaminants, and pollutants
  • Seal, Stain, Enhance, or Coat protecting the materials’ presentation and creating the desired original or customized appearance

GROUT will discolor and can permanently stain over time. SoliStone & Concrete Care ColorGuard is a long-term color protectant for grout that is easy to maintain while preserving its appearance.

CONCRETE requires treatment due to exposure to the elements or high traffic and use. Cracks, broken pieces, staining, or fading can be addressed and then the surface treated with durable protectants. Concrete may be treated with processes similarly employed to STONE and PAVERS.

It is important to note that all materials develop a patina and may permanently stain over time and can not be made to look brand new. SoliStone & Concrete Care provide test spots to help one see the results before making the investment of restoration.

Etches & Dullness Scratches
Before After Before After
Before After Before After
Grout & Caulking Cracks & Chips
Before After Before After
Stains Sink Re-securing


SoliStone & Concrete Care is a full-service hard surfaces repair company. We employ high-quality caulkings, cement products, grout, and epoxies. Repairs greatly improve the appearance and integrity of damaged stone, grout, paver, or concrete. Repairs are then blended with the surrounding, existing materials. A list of the repairs we perform follows:

  • Reduce or remove lippage (high tiles)
  • Re-secure debonded (loose) tiles, slabs, and sinks
  • Replace cracked tiles (we do not replace more than 12 total)
  • Repair seriously cracked and missing grout or replace grout
  • Epoxy repair, and refinish and polish fissures, cracks, and veins
  • Repair cracked and eroding paver and concrete materials
  • Epoxy repair cavities, holes, chips, broken corners, and counter edge profiles