SoliStone has developed proprietary products, procedures and processes, with the help of design firms, that create customized finishes in order to better meet a client’s stylistic preferences or a particular need. Whether a surface is just recently installed or older, these techniques produce the desired look unique for your home or office.

SoliStone performs the following customization services utlizing waxes, stains, colorants, and sealers. We have performed all different types of services from staining off-colored natural stone or cast cement fireplaces to restoring ten year-old damaged paver or concrete flooring.


  • Create old-world or unique finishes
  • Customize the colors and patterns of some stones
  • Apply clear, non-enhancing or enhancing or slip resistant sealers


  • Apply SoliStone’s ColorGuard ensuring protection and presentation
  • Alter your current grout color through applying SoliStone ColorGuard


  • Create unique old-world, Tuscany, Spanish-looks and finishes
  • Create matte, semi-glossy or glossy finishes or the desired look


  • Customize exterior concrete
  • Correct off-colored or stained surfaces
  • Apply stain and scuff resistant finishes to garage floors
  • Restore stamped or colored concrete through finishes and stains
  • Create matte, semi-glossy or glossy finishes or the desired look
Enhancing – Stone Faux Painting – Stone
Before After Before After
Color Guard – Grout
Before After